Thursday 18 February 2010

First idiot of the morning

I left earlier this morning than usual, hoping to be on the road before all the Mad Mums on the school run hopped in their cars. Instead of frazzled, aggressive women, I got an addled male that couldn't make up his mind - or couldn't work out how to get his gearbox into first.

At the very start of this clip, I'm approaching a red light. And then it goes green. The cars on the other side of the intersection are turning right, so they have to give way to me. Most of the time, they do.

As soon as I see the light go green, I punch it - although I can't hit it too hard as there is a big depression for a drain across the intersection, and there is a limit to how hard a bike can smack into it.

So I'm accelerating towards a line of traffic that is not moving - good. The first car is going to wait for me to pass, as he should. But then I think the car behind him beeped at him, so just as I am entering the intersection, he decides to turn. Just like Tony Abbott did this morning, I uttered the F word. And quite loudly. And I shook my fist in impotent fury at the departing idiot.

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Ubique of Perth said...

Boab, loved your "Foil Movies" on Timbo's site. References galore to some of the greatest war films of all time.