Tuesday 29 September 2009

Tight turns

The rather speedy 1750 have posted a set of rules that I can largely live with. I think you need to ride 100 miles a week for a while before you'll get most of them.

Under prohibited activities, they list:

Unclipping on tight ramp corners – learn how to ride before attempting the 1750
I have to agree with that one. I hate getting stuck behind gumbies on the Victoria Rd overpass that can't maneuver their bike around a couple of bends. However, this back route through Pyrmont to the ANZAC Bridge is a bit more of a challenge. At present, the foliage isn't that bad - at times, the path is buried under mouldering leaves and you have to hold one arm up to push the vegetation aside as you descend.

I have never made it around these bends without unclipping. I tried once, and ended up lying on my side in a bush.

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