Monday 8 June 2009

In a jam

Blogging has been non-existent over the long weekend due to the need to make a 1300km round trip to buy some jam.

Well, ok, we did some other things along the way, but one thing we did return with was a box of very delicious jam. And mustard. And relish.

This is all from a mob called Catania Fruit Farm out at Griffith. They are well worth a visit - we try and drop in every year to restock the cupboards, and I have learned through bitter experience to buy up all the Five Cup Relish that I can get my hands on. I bought four jars this year - the last of his stock. It is just the most perfect thing to have with bacon and eggs, bar none. It's hot, but not too hot - not blow your head off hot. Just an elegant sufficiency of hot.

The Shiraz Jam is made with shiraz grapes, which is a bit different. The other oddment that we bought was tomato and passionfruit jam. There was another couple in the shop when we got there, and the woman exclaimed, "How wonderful, my mother used to make this, and I loved it", so we bought a jar to see what it is like. We've bought a lot of jam from this mob, and they've never sold us a dud yet, so I expect it will be good.

The bag of licorice that J bought from them didn't even make it home to get photographed.

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