Wednesday 16 July 2008

Motorised idiot on two wheels

It has been some years since I did a motorcycle course, but there are a few things that I will never forget - in fact, I apply them daily when I ride my non-motorised two wheeler.

The first lesson was to always wear gloves. When you go over the handlebars (and I've done that on a motorbike), the first thing you do is stick out your hands. I landed on dirt, which meant I only had to pick a few bits of gravel out of my palms. If you land on bitumen, it is goodbye palms.

Another lesson was to always wear eye protection of some sort - goggles or wrap around glasses. This dope is wearing neither. I've had stuff fly into my eyes when I've been riding a pushbike at 30km/h, and I can tell you, it is really hard to retain control when you can't keep your eyes open because of the crap that is irritating the hell out of them.

The last lesson had to do with footwear. The silly shoes that you can see in this photo do not cut the mustard. They will stay on his feet for about half a second if he drops the bike, and then the road will do nasty things to his feet.

There were many other lessons to be absorbed during that motorbike course, but it's clear that this bloke sailed through it with his ears and eyes welded shut.


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