Monday 7 July 2008

Dats Amore

Our hopeless local MP hit the big time today when she was mentioned in the SMH - that's a step up from getting your mug into the local rag once or twice a month. I reckon she feels that she is suffering from relevance deprivation syndrome, because a glossy newsletter comes through the mailslot every month or so, and I have run out of fingers and toes counting the number of times her photo appears in it.

I doubt her appearance in the SMH was a happy time for her, since Costa gave her both barrels.

"So I just tell all those cowards that are running to the press, they ought to stand up and put their hand up and say look, vote for me for leader, I'm sure most of them would be laughed at."

Yep. Angela would be laughed out of the house if she stuck her hand up for the top job.

This all resulted from Angela opening her yap last week and getting this quote in the paper:

"with the Drummoyne MP Angela D'Amore declaring the Premier and his ministers out of touch".

Out of touch? Angela held a series of "street meetings" not long ago where she decided to "listen to the community" about the proposed widening of the Iron Cove Bridge. I went along to one of them, and I can tell you that very little listening was done by her. She spent the entire time telling people what a good thing the bridge would be, and why they should change their minds and support it (and thus support her). I don't think anyone bought her spiel, but she appeared to be too thick to realise that she might as well have been preaching to a bunch of lamp posts.

Unfortunately, I think she is safe. This area is pretty much Labor dominated, and the voters and just too rusted onto Labor for their own good. Ah well.

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Anonymous said...

We had Angela dictating to us at one of her street meetings about the Iron Cove Bridge.

We had a bus driver, a structural engineer and about 30 others people from the community. She didn’t want to hear from any of them, saying they didn't know what was best for the community, where the choke points are and what could be done to the existing bridge.

I'm sure with all of her overseas holidays (at taxpayers’ expense); she uses this bridge to get to the airport more than the bus driver who often drives on this stretch of Victoria Rd in peak hour.

I believe that Angela is distancing herself from the current government, so she doesn’t go down on a ship that’s sinking. Her current electorate isn’t going to back her at the next election with all the talk and no action.

So when Angela gets up and says that the current government should listen to the community, I think Angela should lead by example and listen to her constituents rather than dictate to them.