Monday 19 March 2012

I'm sure they're worth it

Behold, the packages paid to the mandarins at the Australia Council

It's not just the big wigs up the top who are paid well - the Council has about 120 staff, and the total salary bill came to $12 million in 2010 - an average of $100,000 per employee (that includes super etc). 

The Board met 5 times that year, and the Board members raked in between $15,000 and $59,000 for making the effort to show up.

It must be a tough gig, deciding how to shovel $164.5 million out the door as rapidly as possible. If I'm reading the table above properly, the CEO of the Australia Council earns more than the Prime Minister.

Remember that next time someone - anyone - calls for more funding of the arts.

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