Saturday 10 March 2012

Care to join the Aboriginal Fishing Advisory Council?

I wouldn't know one end of a fish from the other, so this job isn't really for me. And somehow, I don't think I would fit in that well with the existing board. Here for instance is Associate Professor Stephan Schnierer, who is the "Other Aboriginal Person appointed by the Minister". I'm afraid I just couldn't work with someone who thinks wearing a bandanna is cool.

And then there is Chels Marshall, who is described as:

Chels is from the north coast of NSW and has extensive cultural knowledge of land and sea. Chels also has experience working with communities in this region in natural resource management matters. 

Is this the same Chels Marshall who lists their interests on Facebook as:

Senator Bob Brown, Youth Decide '09, Vote Green, Say Yes Australia, The Bellingen River Festival, Sustainable Seafood Day Australia

Somehow, I think me and Chels would have a few clashes.

You'll notice that the advertisement calls for expressions of interest from Aboriginal persons. I wonder if anyone from the Litijus-Mordy Nation will apply?

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duncan said...

What a rort.

meanwhile, in the milk-and-honey land of the noble savage:

"Ya just don't tell us what to do on our land! You're not from this f***in' land; we are! We're the traditional owner! We own every f***in' reef around here, mate!"