Thursday 8 March 2012

Grey, wet and lonely

Bloody awful morning to be cycling to work. I could hear the rain hitting the roof when I woke up, and it was not encouraging. But it's nothing to get worked up about - it's not cold at the moment (about 20 degrees), it's not windy and the rain wasn't falling that hard. Sure, I got wet, but not much wetter than some of the bedraggled people in suits who I saw sloshing into the office not long after I arrived. The shoes some of them were wearing were so wet that you could hear them squeaking a mile off. 

I noticed traffic was pretty slow on the bridge - some poor sod had broken down in the pissing rain. That big orange glow at the bottom of the photo is the hazard lights on the tow truck that turned up to take him away.

No plod handing out tickets this morning. Then again, there were no cyclists around either. I found it really weird when riding  home - the sky was blue, but there were no bikes about. And then I worked it out - no one was riding  home because no one had braved the weather to ride into work.

Some of the city roads were nicely flooded. When I stopped to take this photo, the water came up well over my ankle. I was totally soaked at this point, so stopping in a deep puddle to take a photo made no difference. The footpath was underwater, and trucks going through this lake were creating huge sloshing water falls.

This photo doesn't really show how grey and horrible the morning was - it was truly dark and awful. Normally, there is a pack of serious photographers hanging around at this spot taking photos of the Opera House. By serious, I mean TV cameramen and guys with big SLR cameras on tripods. None of them showed up this morning. The last time I saw weather like this, I was in the backblocks of Scotland in winter.

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cav said...

I had a case at the Veterans Review Board at 9.30. Sometimes I drive (1.45hours) sometimes I go by train (2.5hours) or a mixture of both.

I was early so I put my Kindle in my briefcase to read over coffee before the Board met.

After THREE BLOODY HOURS I was half way, on Taren Point Road I drove into McDonalds and got a coffee. I then spent an hour on the phone as the hearing was conducted by phone and sometimes it was hard to hear as the rain was pounding on the roof of the ute.

If the war veteran looses this case I'll be pissed off.

BTW I thought you may post some pics of wet saddlebags today