Wednesday 1 December 2010

Wednesday photos

Has anyone in Sydney seen the sun this last week? All I remember is clouds and drenching rain. This is the only photo I have taken since Friday - partly because pulling the camera out in the rain is tricky, but mainly because there has been nothing to photograph apart from the odd soaked jogger and endless puddles.

You'd think that riding in pouring rain would mean that most of the sweat and smells would be washed out of your lycra during the ride. Not so. One of the beauties of lycra is that it dries quickly - I hang my wet gear up at work, and by the time I am ready to head home, it is mostly dry. What I found this week is that it doesn't pay to sniff your jersey - the rain leaches all the sweat to the lower regions, and they smell like a wino's armpit. Seriously - I thought someone had urinated on my jersey when I got a whiff.

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