Monday 13 December 2010

Monday photos

This morning was a great time to be alive. I was up around 0545 and on the road at 0615 - a stupidly early time for me these days. I used to do that every day - winter included. Now, I'm lucky to crawl onto the saddle at 0700.

Getting away early in summer is a must - it was 18 degrees when I left, so I wasn't a ball of sweat when I arrived at work. Leave it an hour later, and you bake.

First photo is actually from this afternoon - it just looked better than the morning photo. Why not start with the best?

The morning - beautifully crisp.

Very few bikes around this morning, but plenty of runners.

And a few rowers.

One problem with leaving so early - you are riding directly into a low lying sun. Not a problem when it's overcast, but a real pain on a day like today.

Council Xmas decorations - not the total lack of any implication that this is a religious holiday. No angels, no Jesus - not even a lamb or a shepherd or a wise man. Bloody PC dipshits.

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