Thursday 16 December 2010

Plenty of hits

Can't have been to Queensland, as there are no cane toad symbols painted on his door. Strange lack of emus as well.

No cyclists either - thankfully.


1735099 said...

I've cleaned up three roos in my travels this year. I was doing 110kmh when I hit one between Cunnamulla and Wyandra. It went "bong" and flew about three metres in the air over the top of the car and in the rear view mirror I watched it land and skid along the road for about 100 metres.
No warning lights came on so I continued to Charleville. It took me, the PE teacher and two others to lever the bull bar back to the right position to avoid the necessity for paperwork. It had been lifted 3cm and moved 5cm off centre by the impact.
The standard accessory bullbars on the Commodores are good gear.

kae said...

Not. Enough. Cats.