Sunday 5 January 2014

Poor preparation

I went for a ride just before the end of the new year; when I got home, I did my usual thing and parked the bike without looking at it.

The next day, I faffed around and ummed and aaahed about pulling it out and giving it a degrease, wash and tune up. Then I put those thoughts away and went and had a nap.

This was followed by the new year, and I went out for a ride on day 1.

The year did not start well - as soon as I pulled the bike out, I found that I had a flat. If I'd gotten my act together the day before and done what I should have done, I would have found it and fixed it. I was not happy with changing a tube at 6 in the morning - especially when it was totally avoidable. If I was flexible enough to kick myself, I would have.

Prior preparation prevents piss poor performance.

True to form, I still haven't cleaned the bike.

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Anonymous said...

Not sure if this is Sienfeld or Psychology, but there's a concept of "Tomorrow Guy". 'I'll leave that for "Tomorrow Guy"; he won't mind sorting that out.' Covers flat tyres, taking out rubbish, taking down XMas tree.

Of course when you *are* now Tomorrow Guy, then lazy-ass "Yesterday Guy" really gives you the shits.