Tuesday 7 February 2012

This is worth a read

White sun of the desert:

So what have I done differently?  Nothing.  I still maintain a somewhat abrasive and opinionated manner of working, emphasising results rather than means.  In fact, I transferred the working practices I developed in Sakhalin almost wholesale to my new position.  The crucial difference is that I have not felt the need to badmouth management, being as they are not complete fuckwits.  When I ask them for help I get it, I get good advice when they feel it necessary to dish it out, and I am given room to run my own department without unnecessary interference.  This is the first job I have had where I am offered a modicum of respect for my knowledge and abilities.  I have not been dragged into the office of some ageing failure and lectured on how my youth is no match for his alleged 20 years of blinding brilliance.  Nobody has tried to be my dad, and appealed to me to treat them as a mentor.  Nobody has told me off for telling the truth about something.  Nobody has asked me to lie to save their blushes.  None of this was the case in the period leading up to my dismissal in Sakhalin.  That lot also told me I “didn’t listen”.  And they would be right, if they appended the qualification “to fuckwits” on the end of the remark. 

I like this bloke already.


Minicapt said...

You should check out his old posts; he tended to be rather acrid when discussing the Russians.


cav said...

When pasting choose 'paste in plain text'

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