Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Clubs club Labor

This pamphlet turned up in our mailbox recently. It's a four page job - this is just the front. Note the green and yellow colours - nice and patriotic.

It's put out by

I hate pokies with a passion, but I also reckon that as with most things, this government will totally screw the implementation of this policy and they'll cause the usual massive amount of pain and dislocation to all concerned, and they won't actually do anything about the problem.

Anyway, I doubt John Murphy will care for long. According to Antony Green, he's on a 2.7% margin. Unless there's a miracle, Murphy is toast.


kae said...

I hate pokies, too. They bore me to death. I have known people who invite you to the club for dinner then spend most of the night in the pokey room pushing money into the thing. Boooooring!

Steve at the Pub said...

If the aim is to stick it to clubs, pubs & state governments, then the policy will work.

If the aim is to reduce problem gambling, Bwahahahahhaaaaaa....

If the aim is to stick it to the poker machine manufacturers, then it hasn't been thought through, it will keep them rich for years, just about every poker machine in the nation will have to be replaced, or retrofitted.