Sunday 21 July 2013


Had a go with a cheap smoker last night - scroll to the 9 minute mark to see how to do it. Yes, it actually worked, and I am going to do it some more.

Where we deviated from Jamie:

  • We didn't have hot coals ready, so we threw some firelighters and charcoal beads into the bucket, lit them up and waited until they got hot
  • Don't use hexamine based firelighters - they taint the smoke
  • Used a packet of hickory chips bought from the shop
  • Used a cake rack instead of sticks to hold the smoked meat
  • Put an old fashioned metal fly cover over the top, and then topped that with a wet tea towel

Dead easy - the main bit is getting a galvanised bucket from your local hardware store. 


SezaGeoff said...

Careful of the gallo bucket -zinc is bad for you. Get a stainless one instead.

kae said...

I didn't know you had an orange kombi in your back yard.

Oh wait...