Monday 1 July 2013

Decisions, decisions

When the weather is like it is right now, I feel like a chick most days. "What should I wear today"? Hmm.

The mornings are easy - lots of clothes, because it is farking freezing. However, it can be as warm as 19 degrees in the afternoon, and being dressed for 6 degrees and riding when it is 19 is a one way trip to heat stroke. The answer that everyone gives is "layers", but there is only so much space in my back pack for storing all the layers that you peel off betwixt morning and evening.

I felt this conundrum mightily this evening - right in the nipples. I went with arm warmers but no jacket - that was fine on the flats and going up hill, but dastardly when descending at speed. I'd get just hot enough on the ascents to get sweaty, and then that would freeze on my skin on the other side of the hill. Thankfully, there aren't that many hills between work and home, and they aren't that big. I could put a vest on, but then I'd be super sweaty going up hill and toasty warm going downhill.

In the end, it's just easier to flip a coin before leaving work.


cav said...

How about installing a windshield?

Steve D said...

I believe newspapers are the traditional solution...

Boy on a bike said...

I'm creeped out by the idea of putting a Fairfax publication next to my skin.

Minicapt said...

1. Use the flap on your pack; roll up the extra bits, fold once then drape under the flap. They'll flutter about and ward off the crows.
2. Tack, firmly and in loops, a strip of light web tape down the centre of your pack, similar tot he new Mil-spec pouches. Then feed an elastic through a web loop and around the bundled piece of kit.