Sunday 9 June 2013


As we all know, morons come in many shapes and sizes. I had an absolute moron spree on Friday morning.

The first 3 were cyclists - two had their helmets dangling from their handle bars. I hate that - if you don't want to wear your helmet, leave it at home. It won't protect your skull from impact unless it is on your head and tightly strapped on. The 3rd had a hoodie over his head and I could hear the music blaring as he blasted past me - straight through a red light (which is what the first 2 morons did too). He didn't even seem to glance left or right before proceeding.

I was shaking my head at their stupidity when the lights went green. I started moving forward, and then slammed on the brakes.

A bus went straight through a red light in front of me. If I'd been rolling up to the lights when they changed instead of stopped, I would have smacked straight into the side of it.

Sometimes the only thing that saves you from the morons is sheer, dumb luck.

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