Monday 3 June 2013

Death on the Bay?

I was zipping around the Bay Run a few weeks back when I came across a gaggle of coppers directing foot and cycle traffic on the path - something had happened, but I wasn't slowing down or stopping to find out. The last thing plod needs at times like that is a bunch of rubberneckers.

On the way home, when I passed the same spot I noticed a lot of plastic bags on the ground (not shopping bags - the sort of bags that electronic parts are sealed in) - that was odd.

I thought little of it until a few more days passed and bunches of flowers suddenly appeared on a tree at that spot.


I still have no idea what happened. Heart attack perhaps? The plastic bags might have contained something used by the paramedics perhaps?

I only remembered the flowers just then - I happened to be riding home early, and saw them before the sun set. You'd never spot them in the dark.

I'm thinking of all the old people that I see on the Run every day, strolling along and chatting with their friends. If you were going to pick a way to leave this world, that's not a bad way to go.

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