Saturday 9 February 2013

The inaccuracy - it burns

"Standing stock still, her finger suspended over the trigger, she stares through the sight of her Dragunov rifle". So says the SMH today.

Let's have a closer look at the "Dragunov".

Hmm. Looks awfully like the FN L1A1 SLR that I carried many years ago.

Here's a Dragunov by comparison.

This simple inaccuracy makes me question the whole story.

By the way, sticking a scope on an SLR no more makes it a sniper rifle than sticking fat tyres on a taxi makes it a race car.


Anonymous said...

Can understand your questioning the story. There is some vision of her on one of the telly stations, but this time she has a bolt actioned rifle.

Noel / Canberra

Anonymous said...

An SLR sniper rifle. LOL. Safest place to be at a 1,000m is the person being aimed at. Pity the poor bastards either side...

Pedro the Ignorant said...

SLR's or its close cousin, the FN-FAL are notoriously hard to mount optical sights, especially telescopic sights. The rifle hinges in the middle just forward of the magazine, creating a 'flex" situation between the two sections. Side mounts are near impossible as the cocking is on the left of the acton and the ejection port is on the right does not leave any metal space to securely fix mounts. The best option was a small AimPoint type sight (similar the the British SUIT sight) to be mounted in place of the standard rear aperture sight.

I think this whole set of photos is more bulldust posed and jury rigged for international consumption. The ME has form in this area.

DeltaE said...

The photo I saw had the scope mounted on a flimsy rail. Looked like a PR fabrication.