Saturday 2 February 2013


It's summer down here. And it's cold. How cold?

I downloaded the Bureau of Meteorology stats for daily max and min temps for Sydney.

Today is the 4th coldest 2nd of Feb on record - since 1859. Here's the other stats:

1899 - 13.7 degrees
1919 - 13.9 degrees
1933 - 13.9 degrees
2013 - 14.1 degrees

These stats were taken from the Observatory Hill station, which these days is surrounded by concreted and tarmac roads - which is only of interest if you think the urban heat island effect has any impact on recorded temperatures.

The max temp for today was 21.3 degrees - the 14th lowest on record since 1859. The lowest maximum for Feb 2 was 17.5 degrees in 1909.

It was the 4th wettest Feb 2nd also with 48.6mm so far - and the day still has 4 hours to run.

1868 - 83.8mm
1934 - 54.9mm
1980 - 54.8mm
2013 - 48.6mm

Interestingly, the BOM says we got 0mm of rainfall yesterday, even though I almost drowned on the way home it was raining so hard.

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