Sunday 9 October 2011

One of those days...

Woke up this morning and thought a nice Sunday ride would be a good idea.

Dressed up, packed my kit, walked out to the bike and.... found the back tyre was flat.

Couldn't be bothered changing it. Climbed out of my gear and went back to bed.

Eventually crawled out of bed and fixed the tube, since I'll need a working tyre to get to work tomorrow. I then got really enthusiastic and washed and degreased the bike.

Went to put the back wheel on again.

Tyre was flat.

It wasn't a rogue bit of glass trapped in the tyre - it was one of my useless patching efforts. Time to buy some new tubes - the old ones are starting to get patches on top of patches.

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cav said...


First rule - check why the tyre is flat. That is, find what is causing the problem - you would have found the piece of glass. And don't stop at the first thing - check the whole tyre!

You should start numbering your idiot posts, like me. I'm up to #82 I think