Sunday 14 August 2011

Harold Scruby - serial pest

Harold and his fax machine have been busy again:

Harold Scruby, of the Pedestrian Council of Australia, has prepared a submission to the government's Staysafe committee, requesting an inquiry into paths that can be used by both cyclists and pedestrians.

Mr Scruby argued that shared paths are unsafe for pedestrians, and that bike lanes and footpaths should not be merged.

''I've got no problems with people riding on designated bike paths, but when they come up onto the footpath it can cause serious injury or death,'' Mr Scruby said.

He is asking that electric bikes, in particular, be more strictly regulated, with mandatory licences, registration and insurance.

Do us a favour will  you Harold? Find another hobby, like gardening or torturing squirrels. Electric bikes don't need regulating and licencing, you nanny state ninny.

1 comment:

TOBI said...

Harold Scrubby, AKA Hairy Screwball, has just been kicked off the staysafe committee by the O'Farrell gov. Don't tell me common-sense is entering any form of government debate!!! This cretin has had the ear of government for far too long, thanks mostly to his nefarious mate Soams Job, a grub that has build an empire so powerful that the RTA was unanswerable to anyone. May they all burn in hell!