Sunday 22 February 2009

How many laser guided bombs do the Tamils have?

I forgot to ask the ABC how many of those bombs that the Tamil Tigers dropped on Colombo were of the laser guided or satellite guided variety. You know, the kind that us members of the Anglosphere drop from our warplanes on civilians with great regularity.

None you say?

None at all?

Why have the Tigers bothered to convert a light plane to a bomber, but not bothered to ensure that it can drop bombs on intended targets with any degree of accuracy? Because they couldn't give a toss, perhaps? Because they don't give a bugger who they blow to bits - military personal, civilians, women and kids, puppy dogs - who cares?

If a member of the club of western civilisations has a bomb go astray (as some do from time to time), the ABC and its ilk are all over it. How dare we bomb civilians! It must have been deliberate, showing how depraved our military and our governments are! How stupid is the military for calling laser bombs 'smart bombs', for they are not smart at all! Why, they are dumber than George Bush!

(As an aside, how will the press react when say a Marine pilot drops a thousand pounder on an Afghan wedding party now that Obama is the commander in chief. No reaction at all is my guess - I bet that by a process of magic, not a single civilian will be accidentally bombed for the next 4 years - at least none that the press will bother to tell us about).

The west has not developed smart bombs to spare civilians, although that has been a nice side effect. They were developed to save pilots and aircraft (I mean "warplanes"). The fewer sorties required to take out the target, the less chance someone will be shot down. I don't view smart bombs as particularly moral weapons - but even in benign environments (ie, where there is almost no chance our warplanes will be shot down), we still choose to very carefully drop laser or satellite guided bombs, because I don't think we particularly like the idea of "napalm sticking to kids".

Our enemies don't make that distinction. They don't give a toss. In fact, they'd rather go after the soft targets instead - they deliberately target the women and children.

I wish the ABC would wake up one day and realise that. At present, they are on the side of the monsters.

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