Tuesday 3 February 2009

Cracker driveway

There is an old estate in Concord, just near the hospital, that I discovered by accident recently. I'm not sure what it is now - some sort of historic wreck I guess. Council, developers, NIMBYs and greenies all seem to be squabbling over what to do with it. It's on quite a few acres, with horse paddocks on either side. I've cycled past the horses many times, but never noticed that the driveway was open to the public. I pulled in the other day and had a squizz.

Here's the driveway, stretching into infinity. I didn't find the old buildings that interesting. I'm sure someone will want to save them for posterity. I looked at them and went "bleah". Some old buildings are beautiful, but face it, lots were put up by badly by fly-by-night builders after being designed by the useless, wingnut architects of the day.

The avenue of trees was lovely though. It really is a nice little oasis in this part of town.

I'm sure it will end up being covered in 3 storey glass boxes, all home to computer companies of some form or another, with a Starbucks on the corner and nary a footpath or horse to be seen.

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