Friday 17 August 2012

Bugger me

It's local government election time soon, so signs are appearing in front yards and election guff is being stuffed into letter boxes.

The first political pamphlet hit the letter box this week. Bugger me if this isn't the most straightforward bit of electioneering for local government that I have ever seen. All these guys want to do is fix our footpaths, give us somewhere to park when we go to the shops and spruce up the local shopping strip (which is a complete dump by the way).

There's no mention of the usual bete noires of local government - saving the whales, the Palestinians, no nukes, federal industrial relations policy and so on. In short, everything that local government has no control over and no responsibility for.

It's nice to see a return to things like the three Rs - roads, rates and rubbish. I can't wait to see what the other mobs are proposing.

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Steve at the Pub said...

I've never had the (dubious) pleasure of living in such an area.
In fact I've never lived anywhere that has advertising for council elections.
Certainly there has never been a candidate declare membership or affiliation with a political party.
The local rag will publish (once) a quick profile of each candidate & an outline of their policies.
In fact I've only experienced three council elections in my life, as mostly the candidated stand unopposed.