Friday, 20 February 2009

Child proof caps are going to kill someone before long

I really want to meet the chimp-spanking dickhead who designed the "child proof" spout for a squirty bottle of RoundUp. I needed to bring death to some weeds tonight, which meant figuring out the child proof protective measures. The end result was that I had to spend a few minutes in the laundry scrubbing spilled RoundUp off every square inch of exposed skin. I'm glad I wasn't actually looking at the business end when it decided to let loose with a huge stream of chemical warfare.

I swear, these bloody safety measures will be the death of all of us one day.


kae said...

LOL not

One day I was really ill. I went to the chemist and filled the prescription I was given by the doctor. I took the tiny bottle home and prepared to take some medicine.

I was so ill it was a struggle to drive into town to the doctor, and then wait for the chemist to fart around and fill the prescription. How hard is it to check the script, pull a bottle off the shelf, print a label and whack it on the bottle? FFS???

I got the medicine. My hands were really sore and I had no energy. I think it was a flu or something like it.

I unscrewed the bottle and there it was. A metallic/plasticised tamper proof seal under the lid of the bottle.

I couldn't pinch my thumb and forefinger together to grab the seal. No matter what I tried. I couldn't pierce it, too dangerous with anything sharp - no energy at all either.

I phoned the chemist and was abusive and in tears because of the frustration. The girl suggested I bring it back so they could open it... I live 7ks out of town... I don't think so.

I can't remmeber how I got it open, maybe I asked my neighbour.

You should have given the roundup bottle to a small child. It's like computers and video players should come with six year olds.

Anonymous said...

Just be grateful it was only roundup. Perhaps our agronomist could tell you what doesage you need in your tea to actually do some harm, but I believe bathing in it does limited damage.


what's an agronomist? said...

The LD50 on rats & rabbits for glyphosate is >5000 mg/kg. For a 100 kg tubby like you, that translates to 1.4 L of neat weed killer down the throat before any possible toxicity. As ">5000 mg/kg" is the least toxic level reported, is is actually much less toxic. The most likely physiological outcome from drinking 1.4 L of Roundup is a bad dose of the runs from the wetting agent (detergent) that is also in the bottle.