Saturday 21 December 2013

Very silly people

Thank goodness the holidays are here and I don't have to ride into town for a while. I've seen more than enough silly people roaming the streets over the last week to last me a life time.

For starters, there was the very silly cyclist who decided to run a red light. I was going one way, he was going the other - and I could see that sitting right behind him as he approached the lights was a motorcycle cop. He didn't notice. I thought he was going to stop for the red - and I imagine the cop did too as he was gobsmacked when the cyclist in front of him just tooled straight through the red. It took him about 5 seconds to blink away his surprise and find his lights and siren.

Then there were all the silly pedestrians. They weren't doing silly walks, but they were walking (or running) in silly places. Like running across the road right in front of me as I was bearing down on them at high speed. After a few close encounters with the moronic kind, I gave up trying to ride quickly through town and throttled back and took it easy. There is a form of madness that infects people at this time of year and it causes them to do silly stuff they would not ordinarily do. I'm just glad I survived through it.

And didn't get a ticket.


Colin said...

G'Day Have you checked out your blog site. For a number of days your bookshelf background is blocking the text of the top half off the screen.

Bushy said...

It's not that the people get dumber, it's more that there are people out in unfamiliar areas visiting friends and shopping in new places.

for the people who come from areas without bike paths and regular cycling runs, the interaction with the cyclist is new and weird. Or unexpected.

Sure, ideally, everyone knows and respects the 'rules' (both social and legal) around cycling, pedestrians and driving, but the reality is people in unfamiliar situations can act in unusual ways. I say cut them some slack.

I mean, it's not like they're getting in their ute and going along hitting people with a rolled up newspaper, right?