Wednesday 2 November 2011

Wednesday photos

Geez, I like the above photo. Not for the bike - because the light and colour seems to crisp. Must have remembered to wipe the sweat off the camera lens before heading out.

Got no idea what these guys were filming, but there appeared to be a bike following this rig!

Rowers in the murky morning light. Good thing these shells have lights on them these days.


1735099 said...

A rowing shell was sunk in June 2008 when a ferry clipped it on the Brisbane River.
It was the Brisbane State High School under-16 rowing team. I think the problem was poor visibility. No casualties, but the shell was wrecked.

Boy on a bike said...

Got hit by a ferry wash once as we were doing a training race - both bow side rowers caught crabs as we were lifted by the wave and then over we went! Every coach said it was the first time they'd ever seen a rowing shell turn turtle.

All we got was wet - and laughed at.